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Frequently Asked Questions

What reports are available to my pharmacy online?

Reports available to your pharmacy will include aging detail (outstanding unpaid and partial paid claims), pending checks (payments in route to your pharmacy) and remittance detail (claim detail for received payments). Search functions are also available which allow you to search for specific claims and checks.

Is the payment information on the website secure?

Yes. Your pharmacy will be assigned a user name and password at the time of enrollment. You can use this secure login to access all online reporting.

How will I know that my pharmacy's payments are being
tracked and recovered by ReconRx?

ReconRx will display details in the member's section outlining all inquiries to each third party payer regarding outstanding claims and checks. All recovered payments will be available in the Success Story table, also included in the member's section.

Will my pharmacy need to install software?

No. ReconRx will display your pharmacy's claim data via our website. No software is needed.

Does my pharmacy need to utilize a specific software system?

No. ReconRx will reach out to any software provider or switch company in order to obtain the data needed to accurately reconcile your third party claims.

Is Central Pay required to participate in this program?

No. All payments will continue to go to your pharmacy. ReconRx will electronically reconcile your paid claims once payment has been received at your store.

My pharmacy prefers the convenience of Central Pay programs.
Does ReconRx offer a central pay solution?

Yes. ReconRx offers a program called "Single Pay". This program redirects all of your pharmacy payments to a bank account initiated by ReconRx and owned by your pharmacy. ReconRx is allowed "view only" access in order to reconcile your payments. All funds are transferred to the bank account of your choice on a daily basis. Banking fees apply. For more information, please contact ReconRx directly.

Will ReconRx ever "write-off" unpaid or partial paid claims?

No. ReconRx reconciles your payments "to the penny"! Any outstanding payments will be tracked until the entire payment has been recovered. ReconRx will only write off unpaid balances with approval from the customer.

How will I receive my remittance advice?

All remittance advice will be available online in the member's section in three formats: Excel Spreadsheet, PDF Report and Electronic 835 File.

Is claim-level manual data entry required?

No. ReconRx tracks your payments at the claim level based on checks you receive at your store and post on our website.

If my pharmacy does not have the time to confirm payments online,
what are my options?

ReconRx will provide your pharmacy with a toll free fax number at the time of enrollment. Simply fax us copies of checks and EFT payments received by your pharmacy. ReconRx will reconcile all faxed payments at no additional charge.

Does ReconRx charge additional fees for researching outstanding checks?

No. There are no additional fees for this service. Research fees only apply if third party payer assesses such fees.

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